Half-Round Gutters

Many homes in the Mid-Hudson Valley are historic or traditionally styled, making half-round gutters the obvious aesthetic choice. While the flat profiles of K-style gutters work well for most modern and contemporary homes, their boxy appearance is out of keeping with the traditional lines of a colonial-style building, or the decorative elegance of a Victorian structure with external gutters. Property owners who chose half-round gutters will find other advantages beyond just their looks, though!

Why Half-Round?

The installation of half-round gutters may simply be the natural choice for the architectural style of your building. But there are other factors that make half-round a compelling option:

Less Maintenance

Just like their name implies, half-round gutters are shaped like a pipe that has been cut in half. Their curved sides, as opposed to the flat bottom of a K-style gutter, provide less surface for rain water and debris to collect. This facilitates better drainage and easier cleaning, although we definitely recommend gutter guards for the best long-term results.

Because they have a smoother profile and retain less water, half-round gutters can last significantly longer than K-style gutters and are less prone to develop leaks.

Better Materials

For property owners who have K-style gutters installed, the most popular material of choice is vinyl, which is light-weight and economical, or sometimes aluminum. While vinyl half-round gutters do exist, Apollo does not typically recommend them. Depending on the property, we suggest using steel or copper. These traditional metal seamless gutter materials are better suited to historic and traditional properties and, at least as importantly, are a better long-term investment.

Steel Half-Round Gutters

Steel is the strongest material used for gutter systems. It is galvanized to prevent rust and can be painted to compliment the color of your building. The toughness and durability of steel makes it an excellent investment for properties that designed to stand the test of time, especially in an area like the Mid-Hudson Valley and Catskills, which experiences a variety of severe weather.

Copper Half-Round Gutters

Copper is the traditional material of choice for gutters, and is a perfect fit for historical properties that want to stay true to their original aesthetic. It is also unmatched for beauty, developing a natural patina over time that perfectly compliments traditional buildings. Finally, it is an excellent choice for durability. Copper does not rust and is not prone to developing leaks, so a copper gutter system can be expected to work well for decades with only minor maintenance.